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You can register here. All you need to provide is a valid email address and a password.

Add A Property

Go to your My Properties page and click the Add Property button. Fill out all the fields including your Airbnb and/or Homeaway calendar links. The calendar links enable you to auto-import bookings from those sites. Also put in your usual cleaning charge and select whether or not you want an expense record automatically created everytime a booking is imported or created.

Add Revenue

Once you've created a property, go to the Revenue tab. From there, you should see various ways to add/import revenue.

NOTE: the Airbnb and Homeaway buttons only appear if you've entered a calendar URL for your property.

To manually enter revenue, use the "Add Revenue" button. This is typically for "Self Use" or "Other" type items.

To import from Airbnb or Homeaway, simply click the button and allow the bookings to auto-import.

NOTE: Airbnb only provides 12 months of booking history. If you have historical data you'd like to include that goes back beyond 12 months, you'd need to do this manually using the Add Revenue button. This is very simple to do if you print out your old reservations from Airbnb or a spreadsheet you may have used previously to track income/expenses.

NOTE: Once bookings are imported, you'll still need to enter the dollar amounts. That's what the "Edit Inline" button is for. That allows you to easily add/edit dollar amounts within the table. This may seem tedious for all your old bookings, but remember that it only needs to be done once when you're first setting up your property.

Add Expenses

Go the the Expenses tab and you will see 2 ways to add expenses.

The "Add Expense" button is for one time, unique expenses such as repairs, new appliances, etc.

The "Add Bulk Expenses" button is to enter repetitive expenses in bulk. For example, when adding a property for the first time, you will want to enter mortgage payments, HOA payments, etc, for past years. These amounts are typically the same month to month, so you can add them via this method. Select a start date, an end date, enter an amount and a description and it will create one expense record for each month within the date range you specify.

Remember to check the box if an expense is tax deductible. This will make it easy for you and/or your CPA to filter your expenses.

View Monthly Stats/View everything in a single calendar

Select the property you want to view, click the Revenue tab, click the "Calendar View" button. Navigate through the months to see all the detailed numbers about how your property did that month.

Create a share link

Go to your My Properties page and select the property you want to share with your CPA or realtor or whoever else. Click the "Create Share Link" button and a new link will be generated. That link will be good until you choose to click the "Delete Share Link" button. Once you delete a link, it can't be recovered. You'd need to create a new one and share it.